• impianto automazione heineken

Industrial automation system for Heineken

INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION SYSTEM FOR HEINEKEN Buyer: Heineken – Comun Nuovo (BG) What we did: Realisation of the automation and electrical system in the factory Heineken Italia, in Comun [...]

Automation system for Marcegaglia

INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION SYSTEM FOR MARCEGAGLIA Buyer: MARCEGAGLIA – GAZOLDO DEGLI IPPOLITI (MN) What we did: Realisation of the electric system for the new water cleansing system in the factory [...]

Automation system for Orenbeef

AUTOMATION SYSTEM FOR ORENBEEF Buyer: ORENBEEF – Gruppo Cremonini (Orenburg – Russia) What we did: Realisation of electric system on skid for water treating devices via inverse osmosis [...]

Automation system for Alpha Nutrition

AUTOMATION SYSTEM FOR ALPHA NUTRATION Buyer: ALPHA NUTRITION – SEAUVE SUR SEMENE (FR) What we did: Electric and automation system realisation in the factory ALPHE NUTRITION in Seauve-sur-Semene [...]

Automation system for Fonderie Almag

AUTOMATION SYSTEM FOR FONDERIE ALMAG Buyer: Fonderie Almag (BS) What we did: Delivery and installation of new automation switch cabinets for the industrial water cleansing system in the Foundries [...]

Automation system for Alcoa

AUTOMATION SYSTEM FOR ALCOA Buyer: Alcoa – Bolzano What we did: Design, cable installation and electrical wiring, connection of Eltech cabinets to a water cleansing plant, organised in [...]