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ELTECH srl realises industrial automation systems with electric or hydrodynamics appliances, offering its customers a full range of services, from energy distribution networks to machine installation. Personalised solutions according to the customer’s needs are also available, thanks to the company’s long experience in the field. The technical department is responsible for the design of power supplies, automation and software.

The partnership with INTECH srl has exported ELTECH automation systems all over the world, with more than 400 storage facilities, as well as powder transporting and dosing systems.

ELTECH has also focused on and specialised in water cleansing systems, delivered all over the world, especially for well-know companies, such as Marcegaglia, Heineken, Alcoa or Parmalat. For such industrial automation plants, ELTECH is responsible for the system monitoring transformers and actuators, thanks to centralised units on SCADA or industrial PC and a tailor-made software.

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