Photovoltaic panels installed
MWp managed SP
installed units
ton CO2 less in the atmosphere yearly


In partnership with GREENPOWERTECH srl, ELTECH is one of the protagonists in Italy as concerns solar panel systems development and installation. Since 2008 the group has offered advisory services and installation for major industrial groups, such as IKEA, Mondo Convenienza and A2A. ELTECH has followed the design and installation of a variety of solar panel systems, both for private and industrial use.

Recently ELTECH srl has been in charge of designing, monitoring and installing more than 400 photovoltaic panel systems, for a total amount of more than 45 MWp installed. Authorisation requests (e.g. GSE and UTF requirements) are also managed internally.

The joint R&D departments of Eltech and Greenpowertech offer the customer the best value for money products in the market, improving the investment revenue.

Solar panels improvement has always been one of ELTECH’s main concerns: that it the reason why the company opened an new research branch in early 2016, devoted to the R&D of accumulators, such as LiFePO4, able to store overproduced energy for later use.