ELTECH srl was born in 1999 from an idea of its three founders with more than 25-year experience in the electric sector. The company designs, realises and manages electric and technology-supported plants, thanks to its role as a general contractor towards the final customer, supported by a professional and high qualified team.

Electric, electrotechnic, and ICT engineers together with experts in the field of industrial automation employed in our technical and R&D department work together to achieve innovative and technically advanced solutions for the customers.

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Hydroelectric plants on the river Arroscia

HYDROELECTRIC PLANTS IN-FLOW ON THE ARROSCIA RIVER Realization of the electric components and automation of 4 hydroelectric plants type in-flow in fall on the stream Arroscia. Installed powers: 160 kW - 280 [...]

Impianto idroelettrico Lura 1-2-3

 LURA 1-2-3 HYDROPOWER PLANTS Buyer: Sedamyl - Biberi Groups Installed: Group 1: Horizontal axis Pelton turbine with 2 jets P: 3.269 kW Group 2: Horizontal axis Pelton turbine with 2 jets P: 3.269 kW Group 3: Horizontal axis Pelton turbine [...]

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High voltage station in Lura

 HIGH VOLTAGE STATION IN LURA Buyer: Erdat Lura SH.P.H What we did: Design and realisation of two high voltage station to connect three hydropower plants for a total power of 25 MVA. A [...]


1502, 2017


CABINETS SHPP-COMPACT FOR HYDROPOWER   The ELTECH SHPP-COMPACT cabinets allow you to enclose in a single solution: electromechanical power components auxiliary services AC and DC Automation for the management and remote control of [...]