CABINETS SHPP-COMPACT FOR HYDROPOWER   The ELTECH SHPP-COMPACT cabinets allow you to enclose in a single solution: electromechanical power components auxiliary services AC and DC Automation for the [...]

Maxi acquisition of Swisspower

MAXI ACQUISITION OF SWISSPOWER RENEWABLES We congratulate our client Swisspower renewables for concluding one of the most important business transactions in the field of RES.   Click here [...]

New accumulators systems for PV

NEW ACCUMULATOR SYSTEMS FOR PV Engineers from Eltech and Greenpowertech are working together to test charging systems (accumulators) for new generation batteries, empowering the customer to better use the exceeded [...]

  • micro turbina idroelettrica

New hydropower micro-turbine

NEW HYDROPOWER MICRO-TURBINE Eltech has recently developed a new hydropower micro-turbine, perfect to take advantage of WCF. It is an auto-adjusting Kaplan turbine, particularly adapt for small gaps. Thanks [...]