Mondo Convenienza

What we did:

Delivery and realisation of the whole electrical system for Mondo Convenienza in its 18 selling points and connected storage rooms.

The selling points are located in: Brescia, Cremona, Verona, Marcon, Curno, Como, Lissone, Milano, San Giugliano, Voghera, Serravalle Scrivia, Bologna, Rimini, Fiumicino, Colonnella, Pescara, Torino, and Moncalieri.

Eltech was responsible for supply and installation of the followings:

  • Power transformers MT/BT with MT cabinets and protections.
  • Power, distribution and monitoring cabinets.
  • Data racks.
  • Plug power cables and data cables.
  • Anti-theft system.
  • Smoke and fire detectors.
  • Lighting system and emergency lights.
  • Road lighting system in the car parking
  • SCADA system for monitoring the selling point.
  • Furniture lighting.
  • In some cases: solar panels installation on the roof.

Thanks to our experience gathered throughout the country, Eltech is widely recognised as a company able to manage time pressure, coordinate different tasks and deliver high quality products, even for so large buyers, such as Mondo Convenienza.