The ELTECH SHPP-COMPACT cabinets allow you to enclose in a single solution:

  • electromechanical power components
  • auxiliary services AC and DC
  • Automation

for the management and remote control of Small Hydropower Plants.

The cabinet is designed to directly control the devices in the cab (MV switchgear, transformers, power factor correction, service facilities, etc.), And to communicate with a small picture placed in the vicinity of the turbine, containing the suburbs and the electrical controls of the actuators.

The advantages of this solution, compared to the use of separate cabinets, are:

  • Smaller size in Central
  • Fewer parts in place
  • lower cost
  • No bond of closeness to the turbine, suitable for the management of central in-flow

Find out if the cabinet can be installed in your system:

framework data sheet SHPP-COMPACT